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Become a Deck Builder in Adelaide With These Tips

In Adelaide, during summer there is nothing better than coming home after work and sitting out on your decking looking at the sky while your crack-open a beer. For most people in Adelaide, their backyard is their hangout space and if you are tired of looking at the same boring one every day, it’s time for a makeover. Just a few twists and tweaks here and there, and you have an aesthetically appealing space.

If you are a DIY fan and watched plenty of episodes of the block, all you will need is a couple of goods from the hardware store and you are good to go. However, it requires spending a lot of time, it is not easy to screw 500 screws, but it is all a part of the game plan. On the brighter side, it saves you a lot of cash being your won deck builder.

If you are a beginner, leave the worrying to us. We have a complete guide to decking your backyard Adelaide style, ready to be used. Follow a couple of steps right and you are good to go.

Research what decking is right for you

With so many ongoing trends and decking options, finding the right one is work. Spend a couple of hours on your free day and get this step sorted. To have a better visual, sketch it out or get your plan printed.  It clearly gives you are a clearer idea. Also, calculate what and how many things are required for the job.

Fix a Budget

After quick research, plan out your budget. Calculate your budget according to the materials you require to build and deck up your deck.

Deck Footings

Deck footings are the concrete bases that are used to support a deck pier. Get the right measurements, and keep measuring when you place the footings. A couple of inches can and do make a difference.

If you live in a tropical area, it is ideal to place the footings near ground level. But if you live in cold climate areas then the footing must be placed 6 feet underground. But the latter option is popularly used irrelevant to the climate.

Saw and Lay

A joist is a length of timber or steel that supports a building structure or floor or ceiling. Cut the lengths in an appropriate fashion and length. If your deck has good length, you must use two joist lengths to meet the measurement. Measure each joist you cut separately to avoid measurement issues.

Prep It Right

It is very important to prepare your joists the right way. Use a wood planner if you can, If not you can use Douglas fir wood.  It is both inexpensive and very strong. Provide these joist babies a good finish, bumps and cuts don’t do well long term.

Water Proofing the Decking

It is highly crucial to use waterproof paint. Most things can really rot and decompose your joists and make them unstable. Uh-Oh that is a nightmare which is a big no-no for you. For more instructions on how to waterproof, check the instructions on the paint can.

Install Planks

After the base, if done perfectly it’s time to lay down and go screw crazy. Lay the planks correctly and get screwing. If you use tough materials, you will need tough drivers to do the job right. Utilize ¼ in. tile spacers between your boards, then add two screws per joist. Use a jigsaw to cut around pipes and fences. After the process, attach end caps to give a finished look.

Go Décor Crazy

Once it has all dried off completely start decorating. Use lights, stands, sofas, flowers and anything you desire. Make sure your personality shines through and matches the rest of your house.

A long process, but nothing is comparable to the pride and genuine happiness you feel when you stand on that deck that you made, it is worth it.

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