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Your living room is a multifunctional space where you can spend your lazy Sunday afternoons reading books, watching your favourite TV shows, or catching up with friends over a coffee.  These simple design tips will help you transform this family room into a functional yet stylish space.

Invest in the essentials

There are three items every living room requires – a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a well-made rug.  The perfect living room furnishings must be equal parts comfort, quality and style.  If you are short on space and don’t have enough room for a large sofa, some great alternative options are a love seat or several armchairs that you can move around to accommodate your company.  If you do have the space, a sofa bed is also a great addition to the room if you do not have a guest bedroom.


When purchasing rugs, be sure to choose the right size for your room.  In a small or large room, if you’re using a rug in a seating area, a large rug with all the furniture sitting on it will make your room feel more expansive. If your budget restricts you from purchasing a large rug the alternative is to put the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the rug to anchor the space. A floating rug will also work as long as it’s in proportion to the furniture.


The texture is the key

When decorating this room, feel free to choose furnishings and décor in a mix of textures and colours that inspire you.  Luxurious fabrics or plush cushions in various textures and colours are also an excellent added feature and the perfect accessory in any living room. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but add an element of comfort to the room.    Feel free to get creative with different surfaces with your furnishings which add texture, from glass to stone, or timber, your choices are unlimited.  If your living room includes a fireplace, it is a great focal point, to further add various textural decorative pieces by displaying them on the mantelpiece.


Placement is crucial

Regardless of whether you have a small or large living space, the placement of your furnishings greatly impacts the functionality of your room.  If you have more than one sofa, balance is a key.

There are two forms of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetry is very restful, while asymmetry is used to add a visual twist and excitement. This rule also applies to side tables and any lighting fixtures within the room.  Remember that rules can be slightly broken adding your own individual style, as long as the room still has a sense of balance and is practical.

If you choose to accessorise with decorative items or display frames on the wall, make sure to place these items in an organised display adopting the same rule of, balance.  When introducing many different elements to a room, be careful not to make your room look cluttered and chaotic.



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