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The kitchen in Australia is often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’ due to the constant buzz of activity within this room.  But are you giving your kitchen the TLC that it deserves?  With these Digital Decorator design tips, you can transform your basic kitchen into the perfect entertainment domain.


Warm metals such as brass, iron, copper and gold are the Digital Decorator trends that are replacing the use of chrome, nickel and stainless steel for appliances and hardware. The warm metals add character to this functional space, with statement hoods being the most popular pieces in these finishes.  Pairing warm metals with natural materials and graphite finishes will further enhance these decorative touches and create an element of style and class.



As the industrial trend continues to grow within the design industry, there is a transition towards a softer industrial look complementing a raw industrial palette.  Kitchens in Australia are all about embracing raw, natural materials such as exposed brick walls, concrete, reclaimed timber,  barn board, natural wood countertops, timber furnishings and exposed beams – which look incredible with a simple timber stain or beeswax finish.  The use of natural elements softens the look of steel hardware and appliances within your kitchen creating an industrial but warm environment.



Vintage and one of a kind pieces are highly sought after accents for any modern kitchen.  For those of you which prefer a versatile, neutral kitchen, the use of big impact accent pieces are a simple way to easily enhance your kitchen décor.  Whether you invest in a bright or interesting piece of vintage art, a collection of bright bench stools or an assortment of decorative pieces from an op-shop, these subtle additions to your kitchen are a great way to add a little bit of personality to your room.  They are also a great conversation starter when throwing a dinner party.

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