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The humble bathroom has now become one of the most important rooms in the home. They are no longer small and cramped. In fact, bathrooms have transformed into a central place for relaxation and pampering in the home. Wanting to revamp your bathroom? Check out these must-read tips for your bathroom transformation.

Choose a Highlight

Start with a feature piece for your bathroom. From curved basins to walk in showers, it’s best to pick the main element and then design around it. Once you have your feature piece, you can bring it to life with quality tiles and finishes. You should also consider your lifestyle when designing your bathroom layout, and take into account things like practicality and space requirements. Experiment with the space you have by measuring the bathroom area and considering the dimensions prior to purchasing your fixtures.

Enduring Flooring

The type of flooring you choose in your bathroom needs to be durable. Tiles are a particularly good option for durability, specifically porcelain, marble and stone tiles. Tiles are also appropriate for wet areas and are available in various colours and textures. Want to take it one step further? Adding subfloor heating coils will keep your tiles warm during those colder months.


Quality and Luxury

Space is definitely a benefit to a luxurious bathroom, so if you have space, add a dressing room, double vanity or a free standing bath to give that feeling of privacy and relaxation. Quality is just as important, so always think about your lighting options to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Halogen spotlights work well in these spaces, as well as dimmers to change the mood of your lighting. Adding a feature lighting fixture will also add interest to any space.

If this has given you some ideas and now you need some inspiration check out this video.

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