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The warmer months are known for blue skies, blooming flowers and lazy days at the beach. So why not embrace the season and bring your favourite natural elements into your home. With more designers and manufacturers creating alfresco designs for inside the house, you have an array of nature-inspired pieces at your fingertips. Here are some affordable (and very effective) ways to create a nice and natural vibe within your home without breaking the bank.

Go foraging

To create a whimsical Summery feel within your home it’s time to go exploring. Collecting natural materials such as stones, sea glass, shells, rustic timber is a fun (and free) way to bring the outside in. Displaying your natural trinkets in a shadow box is a wonderful way to present your treasures on a wall, or alternatively, jars full of sand and shells is a cute and simple way to add a beachy touch. If you prefer a forest feel, a collection of branches and flowers in different sized jars is a beautiful way to bring life to any room.

Don’t be afraid of wallpaper

Many people think hideous 1970’s swirls and stripes when they hear the word wallpaper. Don’t panic, because, like fashion trends, wallpaper has done a 360 degree spin and reinvented itself as a tasteful design element. With hundreds of natural inspired wallpapers on the market, you can create a bold room accent, feature wall, or frame a window with your wallpaper of choice. Popular natural wallpaper designs include forest scenes, beach landscapes and an array of floral prints.

Create an indoor flower garden

Put down the shovel and pot plants – it’s much easier than you think. Rugs are an important part of any room, particularly if you have timber or tiled flooring, as they soften the space and bring the room together. Rugs with floral patterns, colours and designs are a beautiful and simple way to add a touch of nature to your living spaces. To enhance the natural feel within the room, combine your floral rug with natural materials that complement the colour tones.

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